Christmas Mince Pies

A Special Order for a Special Lady

I’ve just finished baking these Fruit Mince Pies, traditionally enjoyed as a Christmas treat.  Its the last week of January, and I’m baking fruit mince pies.  Why? you might ask. The answer is quite simple actually. Last week, a very good friend of mine asked me if I could bake a batch of fruit mince pies for him.  He’d met a girl that he really likes and she told him how much she loves fruit mince pies.  They have a date this Saturday, and he wants to surprise her with the mince pies. So, being the hopeless romantic that I am, of course, I said yes!

So out came my mom’s shortcrust pastry recipe and my unique fruit mince – which is a combination of the store-bought mince and a family secret fruit mince mix.

At a time in this world, when we are all facing so much that is not normal and goes against our very existence as human beings, being social, and engaging with other people; it was indeed a delightful pleasure to be part of this little romantic gesture.

It also really warms my heart to know that there are still true gentlemen who really take the time to take the time to get to know a woman, her likes, her interest, her hobbies; Who how to treat her like a lady.

It is said that when one bakes, your feelings and your mood goes into your baking, and affects the final result.  So you should never bake when you are in a bad mood because it will be a flop.  I can attest to this.  I have personally experienced a flopped result when my mood was not right.

However, my mood was more than good tonight, doing this bake.  It was made with love, happiness and a generous dash of romance and hope for my friend and his date. ❤️



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