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Reading about Anele’s ordeal with Covid-19 really moved me.

I had a very different article planned for today, something lighthearted and fun, but then I came across Anele’s story on EWN, and I knew that this had to be my story for today.

I was incredibly moved by Anele sharing her own personal and very traumatic experience of Covid-19 after she contracted and survived this awful disease.  What really got me, was when she said, “I didn’t realise it was going to get that bad at all. There was a point where I was almost like… I asked myself if I die, who’s going to take care of my son? Who’s going to love him the way that I love him?’ Those were honestly questions that I was asking myself.”

As a mother, that is your first thought – who will take care of my child/children.

I ugly cried while I listened to the rest of Anele’s podcast. For me, she just voiced publicly, what the ordinary person experiences with Covid. And made it easier for people to reach out and share their own experiences.

My daughter had Covid about 2 months ago.  I cannot even begin to describe the dread and fear I experienced when she told me that she had tested positive. The thought that this awful disease had penetrated my family was devastating.  However, I had to accept it, and thankfully my daughter, her hubby and daughter, did not get advanced/intense infection and recovered fairly quickly.

Back to Anele’s experience …

I listened to the podcast, and the people who called in to share their own experiences, and how this disease has impacted them. I was so deeply touched and affected by each person’s story that was shared. And it made me realise, even more, that we are all in this together. Covid knows no boundaries – rich or poor, celebrity or average Joe.  Many of us have had this disease, or worse, have lost a loved one, friend or colleague to Covid.The sad truth is that life as we knew it has changed.  We cannot go on as normal, as much as we want to. Whether you think that the virus is real or not, whether you believe the conspiracy theorists or not. You cannot avoid the impact that this virus is having on our lives.

So, wash your hands, wear your mask, sanitize and social distance.  The virus doesn’t move, people move the virus.

I was really disturbed to read the comments on the EWN article about Anele’s story.  So many insensitive and unfeeling comments.  I was shocked! How do we as humans get to that level?  Are we starting to lose our humanity?

Let us all remember that the next person you see, meet, encounter, is someone’s wife, mother, father, brother, sister, aunty, uncle, grandma, grandpa, friend, colleague.  So, be kind, You don’t know what that person is going through right now.  Have they lost their job, vehicle, home, or worse, have they lost a loved one to Covid. Be kind, considerate, courteous and caring.




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