Be The Sunflower

Be the Sunflower

It’s been raining for seven days now, every single day.  For this ‘Jozi Girl’, who loves the sunshine and beautiful blue skies of Jozi, I’m really missing the sunny weather.

When I woke up this morning, the sun was just peeking through the grey cloud cover.  I took a much-needed walk around my garden, just taking in the beauty and freshness of the morning, and snapped this happy sunflower in our back garden. 🌻

I’ve been watching the sunflower every day through my kitchen window,  and what struck me was how it has bloomed during this last week, amidst the continuous rain.

At this moment in time, with the world in the grip of the Coronavirus, ravaging lives, livelihoods and economies, impacting all of us, our friends and families in one way or another; Some of us have lost loved ones, some are sick and battling the virus, some of us have lost jobs, income and possessions. Some days, the sheer enormity of this virus and the consequences thereof just feels like too much, and we all battle with mood swings, bouts of sadness and depression.

This gorgeous sunflower has been a ray of sunshine for me this week.  Just looking at it each day lifts my spirits and makes me smile. It got me thinking about how we can be the sunshine, the sunflower in amongst the grey and dreary humdrum of life.

In the midst of the tumultuous state of the world right now, it is the simple things that lift our spirits and help us to rise up and carry on.

It’s Sunday today, the first day of the week and my inspiration for this coming week is to “Be the Sunflower”. To go into this week to spread a little joy and sunshine.

So here are a few simple ways that you can – ‘Be the Sunflower’.

🌻Check-in on your friend or family member.

🌻Call your mom or dad.

🌻 Spend some playtime with your child or grandchild.  It will mean the world to them that you take time to play with them.

🌻Pay for someone’s parking or buy a coffee for the person standing next to you at the coffee shop.

🌻 Give something away, anything. There is such joy in giving. It should be something that you like/love, something that means something to you.

🌻 Tell your spouse/partner how much you love them.

🌻 Send an encouraging message to someone.

Much love and sunshine. ❤️ ☀️




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