Schäffler’s and Under The Trees

I haven’t been out to a restuarant since the hard lockdown started in March, and I was looking for a place where I could have a long overdue mom and daughter date, with my daughter, Stephanie.  I just wanted a chill spot where us girls could us girls could catch up and enjoy some special time together.  With Covid still around, I didn’t want to be in a conventional restaurant with only inside seating, and also not keen on just a balcony or al Fresco type pavement seating.  I wanted to be outside in the fresh air.

Schaffler's and Under The Trees

Photo credit: Schäffler’s

Schaffler's Pizza

Photo credit: Schäffler’s

Schaffler's Burger

After a good few online searches for garden and country restaurants, in and around Jozi, I shortlisted a few options and then went to have a look at what they had to offer.

Schäffler’s was 2nd on my shortlist, and they had me at the “Under The Trees Pizza Bar and Garden Cafe” and the fact that they have a nursery.

I am an avid gardener and my daughter has just recently discovered her love of gardening, so this seemed like the perfect place to spend a morning.

Schäffler’s and Under the trees

A true Jozi Gem

A visit to Schaffler's

We enjoyed the most scrumptious meal under the trees and then set out to explore the gardens and nursery…

It was an important factor for me that we felt safe in terms of covid protocols and could just relax and enjoy our meal.  Under The Trees Garden Cafe did not disappoint.  Our  reserved table was waiting for us, as requested – in the garden section, under the trees. I was really impressed with all the hygiene and safety measures, and felt safe and happy to sit down and enjoy my meal with my daughter.  I ordered a pizza and my daughter ordered a hamburger. The portions were generous and the food was absolutely delicious!

After our sumptious meal, we explored the quaint little gift shop, with its plethora of unique, bespoke little treasures, that you just would not find a copy of, anywhere else, and then we moved onto the tranquil nursery, and lost ourselves in an hour or two of garden shopping. 🛒

We totally indulged our love of plants and all things garden and both Steph and I left with a healthy bootful of plants.  🌱 💚

Schaffler's Visit

Photo credit: Schäffler’s

Schaffler's gift store
Schaffler's Visit


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