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Today we said farewell to Classic 1027 and its engaging presenters, who have been a daily companion to me and so many other listeners.  Coming into our homes, cars, places of work – across the airwaves and bringing us the most beautiful music, along with fascinating stories, anecdotes, facts, famous birthdays, “on this day – days of the year” and so many wonderful hours of truly enjoyable listening pleasure.

24 Years ago, when Classic 1027 was “born” on the 1st of September 1997, radio listeners in Johannesburg and Pretoria were introduced to the only commercial Classical Music radio station in South Africa.

I remember the day well, I was in the last week of my pregnancy with my 3rd child.  My son was born later that week on the 7th of September, and over the next few months, Classic FM became a constant companion.  My son had daytime colic, which meant that he spent a lot of time crying, or rather screaming, during the day.  if you’ve ever had a colicky baby, you will know that it is a traumatic and draining experience for both baby and mommy. I had several coping mechanisms and remedies. one of them being to tune into Classic, as the beautiful classical music calmed and soothed my baby son.

Over the years, each of our children would do their exam studies with Classic 1027 as accompaniment, and in 2016, when I decided to pursue my tertiary studies, Classic 1027 was my study-buddy. because as we all know, listening to classical music is one of the best “tools” while studying, to help you remember what you’ve studied.  I did some research and the scientific definition is that listening to classical music enhanced the activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion and transport, synaptic neurotransmission, learning and memory, and down-regulated the genes mediating neurodegeneration.


Since Covid hit I’ve been working from my home office.  I am a web developer and digital marketer, so my work is mostly remote and I can go weeks without having in-person meetings or interactions.  It can become very lonely at times, but Classic 1027 has been my constant companion.

Mike Mills, the consummate gentleman of radio has been such a pleasure to start my day with.  I’ve absolutely loved the birthday book and how he would tell us the most interesting facts about so many wonderful musicians and artists.  One of my recent favourites was on the famous Peter Tchaicowsky’s birthday and Mike Mills shared with us the most interesting and fascinating details about this incredible composer’s life

I absolutely loved  Kutlwano Masote’s Classic Brunch and later with Peter Terry.

My personal favourite has been Shireen Hollier on the Classic Drive with joyful voice and inimitable personality that reached across the airwaves and become my best radio friend.

It was indeed very sad to bid farewell today to this legend of the airwaves.



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