Hey, There!
I’m Liesl

.. OR, Lilo, which is my nickname.

I’m just “A Jozi Girl”, in love with this beautiful city – Johannesburg, Joburg, Jozi, my hometown! Join me as I do life in the city, exploring this “Grand Old Dame” – 134 years old, and still as elegant, bustling, beautiful, and enjoyable as ever!

Come with me to my favourite Jozi places, hidden gems. Have fun with me, doing life, hobbies, family, food, home, style, coffee, wine, and more!

This Blog is the realisation of a dream that birthed 5 years ago, when my family and I moved house, back to old Jozi, and I reconnected with all the beauty and richness of the Jozi heritage that I’d grown up with, and which is deeply entrenched in my soul.

About A Jozi Girl

My Mantra

“There is always something to be thankful for.  Live life to the fullest.  Love deeply and genuinely.  Forgive.. you don’t want to be carrying that baggage around with you. There is always a bright side, a silver lining. And lastly, smile and the world smiles with you. smile

A Jozi Girl’s Lifestyle

These new topics coming soon to my blog…



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