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I’m a Jozi girl to the tee! I was born in 1969 at the Coronationville Hospital, Johannesburg, now known as the Rahima Moosa Mother & Child Hospital.  I grew up in Westbury, a township south of Johannesburg CBD, and notorious for gang violence.  

My family was not well off, but we never lacked for anything.  Our lives were simple.  My parents didn’t own a car, we travelled everywhere either by bus or train, or we walked.  I have many precious childhood memories of my dad and I taking a train to town (Jhb CBD), and then walking all over town, visiting parks and exploring Jozi.  This is how my deep love for this beautiful city began. 

Tribute to a Legend of the Airwaves – Classic 1027

Today we said farewell to Classic 1027 and its engaging presenters, who have been a daily companion to me and so many other listeners.  Coming into our homes, cars, places of work - across the airwaves and bringing us the most beautiful music, along with fascinating...

An Inspiring Tale of Two Cities – Nego City – A work of art – and Jozi, the city that inspired the artist

Photo credit: Mulalo Nego NegondeniMy love for Jozi and its quirky uniqueness always draws me to wonderful stories like this one, and these are the kind of stories I want to keep telling and sharing. A remarkably talented young man, 26-Year-old Mulalo 'Nego'...

The Radium Beer Hall

Photo credit: Anton BosmanThe oldest running bar in Jozi. Live music, great food and amazing people.The beauty of old Jozi lies in the character of places like the Radium Beer Hall.This Jozi Gem is the oldest running bar and grillhouse in Jozi, and fits perfectly in...

Schäffler’s and Under The Trees

I haven't been out to a restuarant since the hard lockdown started in March, and I was looking for a place where I could have a long overdue mom and daughter date, with my daughter, Stephanie.  I just wanted a chill spot where us girls could us girls could catch up...

Purple Rain

The beauty of the purple Jacaranda against an Azure Blue Jozi sky.November in Jozi, the weather is beautifully warm, the skies are the clearest Azure Blue and the streets are lined with Purple Rain, gently falling from the hundreds of Jacarandas lining the streets of...



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