Our Family in front of the Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s all about family and making beautiful memories. ❤️

Our second tree is a tribute to and in memory of  my late Mom-in-love (for those of you who don’t know – that’s my term for mom-in-law). Whoever thought of bringing the word law into a relationship?? She became my mom because of the love between her and my son, so she was my mom-in-love.

To say that I love Christmas, would be an understatement! I am literally like a kid at Christmas, every Christmas! 🤣

As a child,  I didn’t really have great Christmases at all. A story for another day, but growing up was like living in a Tsunami, and Christmas traditions and trees were not a priority. SO! I made a promise to myself that when I’d grown up and have my own family, our Christmases would be special, it would be about family, making memories. About giving my children something truly special that they could take forward with them into their own lives and families. I kept my promise to myself, and we are 22 years into our family Christmas tradition.

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree, and as always, the day was filled with love, laughter and lots of crazy fun!

This year we have the added joy of extending our Christmas tradition to my daughter Steph, and her own little family.  We gained a new son, Mash, into our family, when they got married in February this year.  Steph could not have chosen better.  Mash treats her like the queen that she is and he is the most loving Dad to little Gabbi.

Our tree is proper vintage! 22 Years old this year.  We bought it when our youngest son, Nate, was just a year old.  This is him, posing very proudly in front of the tree, when he was much shorter than it. 🤣 He now towers above the tree, and is the tallest of our three children.

Nathan - vintage Christmas Tree

But of course being the eccentric that I am, one Christmas tree is just not enough.  So … we have three trees … AND an abundant collection of Christmas décor, which we add to every year.  It’s a thing for us to get at least one Christmas décor item every year, to add to our collection. 

My Mom-in-love's tree

And our third tree is to indulge my love of blue, aqua and every shade of blue of the ocean.  I spotted this beautiful white wooden tree a few years back, and I brought it home right there and then.  It is only decorated with all my favourtie shades of blue and aqua.

My Blue Ocean Christmas Tree

I am also incredibly blessed to be a grandmother to the most adorable 8 year old granddaugther, and it has been my absolute joy to share this family tradition with my precious Gabbi. To see her become part of this beautiful family tradition, makes my heart so full, and I know without a doubt, that the sad Christmases I experienced as a child are no more, and Gabbi will never know those. The yoke has been broken, and our beautiful family tradition is strong and established.  Gabbi is the first of the next generation who will carry this wonderful hertiage forward.

All I want for Christmas is right here. The best gift of all! Family, love, joy, fun, memories.

May your Christmas be filled with joy,  love and special moments with your family and loved ones.

Much love ❤️


Here is a little gallery of our day yesterday, and some awesome throwbacks to way back when.  Enjoy!

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